St. Olga Cross, Nickle

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Metal "badges" are the perfection option as candle decoration when you're wanting a little something, but not a lot of ribbon.

Nickle is great for a badge as it won't tarnish. Engraved on this set is a beautifully detailed St. Olga Cross. The badges are scaled to the candle the badges on the thick column candles are larger than the taper candles badges.

If you're ordering JUST the badges (select "ribbon set only") please email me with what size candle you'll be using them on, so that I can send along the right size.

Customization is an option...I can add names + wedding date to the oval badge!  (Visit the engraving page to add this detail.)

There are a lot of design and metal options for the badges. If you don't see what you're wanting posted yet, just email me. Also, feel free to request different badge designs! I'd love to have a huge selection of designs!  Sold as the set of 2.