Plain Candles

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Decorating your own candle set is a great way to have a hand in creating the perfect look for your wedding. Regardless of size, you will receive 2 candles per order.

  • The 18" tapers Have a 7/8" candle base. 
  • The 20" column candles are 1" in diameter. ---Sometimes this candle has a "candle base end"-ridged to fit nicely to a holder.  My preference is to get the plain column, but I don't always have a choice.  
  • The 24" tapers have a 7/8" candle base. 
  • The 31" column candles are 1.125" in diameter. 

The 18" and 24" taper candles are a Styrene mix, and therefore sturdier than 100% beeswax candles. In my almost 10 years of doing this, I've used this same brand of candle the entire time. I've been very pleased with their performance. In *perfect* situations, they're smokeless and dripless. Some couples still choose to use drip catchers. in other cases, the stray drip or two is easily caught by the decorations.

The rest of the candles are 51% beeswax. This softer mix is often more desirable for the idea of having more beeswax in the candle, but these will drip a bit more. Often the larger candles are for decoration at the front of the rather--rather than for being held, so potential drips should not be a cause for concern.