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Seals and Deals

The last few weeks really have been a bit more about bread seals than Crowns.  I'm mailing off the bread seals to our church school families today, as part of their Virtual Church School Packets.  But along with that, the seals seem to be a nice addition to my site.  I have plans for some customization options for all of additional designs.

Weddings are still happening despite the pandemic.  All is well there.  I haven't really been making any new design styles, so nothing really to show there right now.  

The kids are still handling Virtual School pretty well. ...

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First Bread Seal has been posted

They're Ready!  They're listed on the accessory page....and let's see if this link will take you right to them.   I need to create a new tab on the menu for Bread Seals.  And as I am sure you can image, my mind has been abuzz with dozens of additional ideas.....I may need to make a spin off site for these.....


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Prosphora Bread Seals

A project idea for our Church School led to a fun conversation with my Priest and Deacon.  ....which has now led to me testing some Prosphora bread seal ideas.  I created the design.  (Painstaking! but satisfying!).  We're now in the testing process.  There may be a new page to add to the site in a few weeks....  wouldn't it be cool to have a custom bread seal?   Great gift idea.....  Just wait until you see what I've got in mind...

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VOTE ring / buy button

Testing out the "Buy Button" feature --where you can add something to your cart from a blog post, or social media post.  Let's see if this works.  Testing it on the new VOTE ring.

Edited:  Nope, didn't work.  Going to have to call in my husband AKA tech support :)


until then, here are pix of the ring...and they are for sale on the accessory page.  and also over on Etsy :)


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