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Today is tray day

LOTS of big, new, exciting things coming to the Tray department here....FINALLY.  I've had many people waiting for weeks and weeks.    Today is the day.  I'm working on ideas, styles, listings, etc....  

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Oh MY! Kroger Grocery Delivery is amazing! I decided to splurge for that option today: I "shopped" last night at midnight. The kids are Giddi and Teta's house today. I got to stay here at home and work--and my groceries were brought to me. Oh my, o my. (hmmm. Guess that means I actually have to cook tonight, huh?)

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Summer Time!

Summer Time is here!  The kids are enjoying the break from school, and I am thoroughly enjoying the warm weather and Sun.  So far, the kids have been really awesome about being patient with my work and schedule the last several days.  We find ways to intersperse outside play time with Mommy coming back inside to work...but this does bring up a scheduling note.  Josh and I are sitting down right now going over Summer Schedules.  He and I both need a break from work. For break is really that I need time to get some new items (lasered...

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Christ Is Risen!

I hope you had wonderfully blessed Pascha!

This is a busy week coming up:  'Tis the season for weddings.  Plus, the kids have just 4 weeks left in the school year, and there is A LOT going on there.  Baseball season for Arie.  And my goodness, I have so much I want to do for my work to 'better my brand' so to speak.  And the garden.  I've told you about my sister's property, right?  I think I referred to it as her 13 acres.  She corrected me.  It's *only* 9 acres.

So, even though it is Easter Sunday, both...

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