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Crowns all around!

I'm still on my acrylic-ring kick as my creative outlet.  I'm thoroughly amused that my latest idea of a ring has sparked a crown idea.  

I've got the engraver humming along, and the soldering station going at full tilt with some custom orders. I love having the work to keep me from hibernating during these very cloudy cold days right now!!  

My kids and husband tease me, saying that I'm "Solar Powered"  So, it should come at no surprise that I also have my baby seedlings already going....and on work desk, no less! :)
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St. Anna Crown Set

I can't even begin to tell you how long I've wanted to offer a wooden crown set.  I've tried a half a dozen different ways to bend, cut, scream, cry and bend some more to get wood to work.  But it hasn't worked.  Until now....and my Laser cutter.  (Remind me to tell you later about the home-made pressure cooker/more like a homemade bomb lookin' thing my Father-in-law made for me to try try and get wood strips soft enough to bend!)

You see, the laser beam, itself, has some width to it.  Just like a saw...

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Happy New Year!

The kids don't start back to school until Tuesday..but I'm thoroughly ready to get back into our usual schedule.  So I'm getting a jump start on the week.  But before I start posting pictures of crowns and fun jewelry later this week, I have to show/tell you this.

Josh and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on the 3rd (!!!!!!). Now, look at the pictures below.   

Our wedding: 01/03/04 (yes, we were babies.  I was 22, Josh was 23

New Years Day 2020 --Cheers to the New Years Fun Run--post race

I have to...

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Crown idea...

Any good?



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