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2 things about shipping

1) Just a reminder that, due to travel, I will not be shipping anything from Thursday Oct 14th until the following week.  I will start shipping again on Monday the 25th. 

2) Have you seen the news stories about USPS increasing rates (And transit times)?  Well, my, my, my, they have REALLY raised rates.  Not only that, but the other carriers are following suit.  I am getting some real sticker shock in shipping orders. at the moment.  My shipping costs have literally double this week.  I may need to start charging for shipping again.  Let me see what I can...

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No shipping Oct 14-24

Heads up!

I will be traveling from Oct 14 until the 24th.  I will be in email communication during much of that time, so I will be able to answer questions; however, I will not be able to ship anything.  

Monday the 25th, I will try to be back on top of things and start shipping immediately. 

Thank you for understanding!


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Stress-Dreams of a Crown Maker

Ever wonder what the stress-dreams of a crown-maker look like? Let me tell you:
I was at a customer's wedding. She had waiting until just a week before the wedding to order. I was there in person, even though I didn't really know her. It. was a super-simple crown set. Fabric covered.
31 minutes before the the wedding ceremony was to start, her family started asking, "How in the world...

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It's the tube....

Figured out that it's gotta be the Laser Tube going out. I won't bore you with the details. 

Suffice it to say that I'm not quite ready to replace the tube yet, though, because:

1) It still cuts acrylic just fine...
2) I'm already having a hard time getting a resupply of trays, and I don't mind just needing to take a break from those for the fall, because
3) there is so much other stuff going on right now (mostly good), that I'm at peace with having to cut-back on work in this area.


Thanks for understanding!  Love, Ann


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