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Thoughts and THANK YOUs!!!

1) THANK YOU to all of you wonderful customers who have ordered crowns these last few days.  You are forever in my heart.  Your orders have gone a long way for ensure OWC stays open.   

2) At the persistent urging and support of a friend, i'm finally getting some silly bracelets posted.  available both on the accessories page and page. 

3) Not trying to make light, or take advantage of the current situation, but seeing how many summer weddings are still going forward....and knowing that are suggestions, and sometimes local laws, about wearing face masks....I am wondering if...

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Different kind of post

Christ Is Risen!

Well first, I haven't posted all of the fun jewelry i mentioned in that precious post.  A bit of apathy has set-in. I'll get there.

Secondly, Just letting you all know I'm still here.  Most of my time has been spent with the kids.  Orr trying to keep up with housework, while also sewing as many masks as possible (let me know if you need one.  email me your mailing address and how many you need!). Also I got an early start on the garden this year...seemed pertinent.... 

I've had a few orders here and there, and...

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Fun jewelry coming asap!

I'm working on all kinds of fun, inspirational, sometimes funky, sometimes classic jewelry.  will be posted for sale soon.  Felt the need to post this. This is how I'm getting my socialization in today, apparently.  



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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

There's not much to say that hasn't already been said about the current events. 

Thankfully, my household is happy and healthy.  My 1st and 3rd grader are handling me as their teacher pretty well.  And thank God, my husband, Josh, is able to to work from home.  That helps me out a lot! He takes a break from his work in the afternoon so that I can run down into the studio to work. 

I'm not expecting many orders to come in right now.  But I'm here.  I'm finishing up a few existing orders, and...

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