News & Updates


I just signed up for an Instagram account (OrthodoxWeddingCrowns).  I don't know if I can get that account and this blog to sync, but I'm looking into it.  I did get Instagram and my FB page to sync...except that it syncs to my personal FB page...rather than the work page.  I'm sure I'll get that figured out; however, advice is welcome :)

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Good news, general updates

So awesome news: I Fixed the laser over the weekend. While sitting in Church yesterday, it suddenly occurred to me what needed to be done. It made me laugh a bit, and then I had to say a little "Thank You." Josh (my husband) looked at me like I was Nuts. My Daughter, Georgia laughed at me. Arthur (7yrs) is an Altar Boy....Usually I'm just laughing and smiling at him (My goodness, he's precious up there). For once I wasn't staring at him!


CNC works.

And the Laser is broken. 

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CNC hiccups

So now that the Laser is back up and running (I don't think I got that posted here.  Just on the OWC facebook.  sorry.  I'll try and be better about that.), that gave the cue to the CNC to start acting up.  Well, to its credit, it's not the CNC machine itself....It's the spindle.  The doohickey that holds the engraving bit.   Yesterday, I just happened to take some video of the CNC running smoothly.  It's engraving the "Peacock" design on aluminum. 

  Right after that video, though, the spindle...

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