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Christ Is Risen!

I hope you had wonderfully blessed Pascha!

This is a busy week coming up:  'Tis the season for weddings.  Plus, the kids have just 4 weeks left in the school year, and there is A LOT going on there.  Baseball season for Arie.  And my goodness, I have so much I want to do for my work to 'better my brand' so to speak.  And the garden.  I've told you about my sister's property, right?  I think I referred to it as her 13 acres.  She corrected me.  It's *only* 9 acres.

So, even though it is Easter Sunday, both...

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Happy Holy Week!

OK, FYI, anything ordered this week, probably won't ship until next week. Part of that is because I am still behind from all the goings-on last week.  And Part of that is because of Holy Week.   Fun Fact: I'm Sunday School Superintendent.  I have a big Sunday School Retreat to prepare for Good Friday between morning and afternoon serviced. Thanks for your patience.  

I really want to post a picture of my little Arthur getting to serve with Bishop Anthony, who was visiting our church yesterday....but I don't have a very good picture of just the 2 of them...several other altar boys...

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I AM here!

Before I forget, Instagram.  I'm on there.  OrthodoxWeddingCrowns 

In other news: Spring Break came and went.  The kids were awesome Hikers.  A week of work and volunteer catch-up happened.  Then a Sick Kid.  Then more Catch-up.  The out of town for part of a weekend, followed by an intense Sunday of First Confession for Arthur and sponsoring the banquet that followed. 

That was then immediately followed by being assigned as Juror #1 to a Criminal Case this past Monday.  I've done Jury duty before.  But this was intense.  And very, very long hours Monday and Tuesday, ...

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I just signed up for an Instagram account (OrthodoxWeddingCrowns).  I don't know if I can get that account and this blog to sync, but I'm looking into it.  I did get Instagram and my FB page to sync...except that it syncs to my personal FB page...rather than the work page.  I'm sure I'll get that figured out; however, advice is welcome :)

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