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Back to Normal!

Hello All!  I'm back from my summer break, so to speak.  I ended up still fulfilling a few emergency orders, as I feel sick to my stomach if I know I can help in a situation, but don't.   I was glad that I did that, because, then, I heard from a customer because of a really ridiculous mistake I made on their crown set.  I felt Awful about that...but I was able to get it fixed in time.   

So, a  lot was learned these last 2 weeks.  A lot in my studio was cleaned up.  A lot of mental...

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Summer vacation reminder

Starting this weekend, I'm technically on vacation for a couple of weeks.  I posted about this a few weeks ago, but i'm worried that has gotten a bit buried in some of the other updates...not that there have been a lot of them, but still. 

Ideally, during this upcoming vacation, I wouldn't be doing much emailing back and no shipping, as I would like to try and get some new items up and going.  But we're going to be mostly in town through the 2 weeks.  I'm here.  If it's an emergency, email me (  And hopefully you'll start to...

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Today is tray day

LOTS of big, new, exciting things coming to the Tray department here....FINALLY.  I've had many people waiting for weeks and weeks.    Today is the day.  I'm working on ideas, styles, listings, etc....  

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Oh MY! Kroger Grocery Delivery is amazing! I decided to splurge for that option today: I "shopped" last night at midnight. The kids are Giddi and Teta's house today. I got to stay here at home and work--and my groceries were brought to me. Oh my, o my. (hmmm. Guess that means I actually have to cook tonight, huh?)

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