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Crown idea...

Any good?



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The Amazing art teacher at my kids' school has been giving me some really fun ideas for things.  

Ita is from Puerto Rico.  There's a tradition there:  When a woman becomes engaged, she gets to wear this fun set of acrylic rings.  They're always worn as a set of at least 3.  She's never been able to get ahold of  a set.  They're the easiest thing ever to make and i'm obsessed.  They can be any combo of colors, as far as I know.  It's gotten the creative juices flowing...lots of ideas for some fun variations percolating in my brain. ...

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New season, New Crowns, New resolve...

As you can tell, I go in fits and spurts with my posts.  I'm not very good at sitting down in one place and typing.  I better with being up and around.  Making things :).  I want to be better about sharing that stuff with you.  I am trying again to be better about it.

It's been a busy fall with the kids.  SO much going on.  But I know it's the same for all of you.  

Here's a new Crown set...what to name it?! (It's officially been named the "St. Gregory")  Argh!  I am not good at listing.  I...

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Good News All Around!

1) My Laser is back up and running as of 30 minutes ago

2) is up and running as of last night.  Josh is currently fiddling with some graphics on it.  It'll look like OWC, but we're at least (trying to) changing the name on the header to Scrap Metal Jewelry.

3)There are a couple of items up for sale on Scrap metal jewelry.  Not least of which is this silliness:

Go read about it on its item page!

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