St. Basil-Silver

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I really enjoy creating the metal-leaf style crowns, and as such am working on expanding the variety of styles that I offer. The St. Basil crown offers the same solid craftsman ship as my other metal-leaf crowns, but this time, I've get the design to just the front half of the crown. I opted to use just one single leaf style (used in some of the other designs)--but use it to its full potential. With the highs and lows taken into consideration, the crown has an overall height of 1".

I've soldered the solid brass leaves onto a solid copper crown base that measures just a few mm tall (it's as thick as it is tall, so it's incredible rigid!). I then coated the whole set in a wonderful silver enamel and sealed it all for protection.

Sold as the set of 2 crowns.  Usually ships within 1 business day