Dimitrie, Brass Greek

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All "Dimitrie" crowns are engraved with the traditional crown blessing around the outside. In a set of two, one is engraved especially for the bride and the other for the groom.

The Bride's crown reads "The Handmaid of God is crowned unto the Servant of God...." and the Groom's crown reads "The servant of God is crowned unto the Handmaid of God...."

The above text works well crowns that will be used by multiple couples (like Church crowns), or for crowns that you plan to pass down to siblings, children, or other relatives.

For a more personalized look, though, you can have the Bride and Groom's actual names added to the crown. In this case, the blessing on the crown will follow the same form as a traditional service ("The Handmaid of God, BRIDE'S NAME, is crowned unto the Servant of God, GROOM'S NAME...."). Please email me the name information. 

Font:  When choosing the Greek version of the Dimitire crown set, I can only offer you the font style shown.  It is similar to Monotype Corsiva, FYI.

PLEASE email me -
 (ann@orthodoxweddingcrowns.com) - the actual Greek spelling/text of your names.  You may send an attachment/.pdf too, if you can't get the Greek Characters to appear properly in your email.

Brass is sealed to help prevent tarnish.  These crowns have been formed into my standard size of just over 7" in diameter and are 1/2" tall.  

Price listed is for the set of 2 crowns.

These crowns will ship within 2 business days.

(These crowns accept an interior engraving very well.  Visit the engraving page to add this detail.)