Seals and Deals

Posted by Ann Clough on

The last few weeks really have been a bit more about bread seals than Crowns.  I'm mailing off the bread seals to our church school families today, as part of their Virtual Church School Packets.  But along with that, the seals seem to be a nice addition to my site.  I have plans for some customization options for all of additional designs.

Weddings are still happening despite the pandemic.  All is well there.  I haven't really been making any new design styles, so nothing really to show there right now.  

The kids are still handling Virtual School pretty well.  Our school system has gone completely virtual for all students.  We're happy to have already gotten into the Virtual School groove...and the kids schedule hasn't really changed with the addition of the rest of the classes going Virtual.  So we're OK there. 

All in all, we're feeling very Thankful ahead of tomorrow's Thanksgiving Celebration.  We'll be "zooming" with family...and making Gingerbread cookies all day long. ;)  Love to all!