Going out in flames.....

Posted by Ann Clough on

First, let me say that this is the 18th year for my business.  Secondly, today is my 40th birthday. Finally, today I am officially closing my business ....for a while at least, but it may be for good. 

I let a few orders through this past week, knowing that I would have some time today to make a few last crowns.  Here's the current situation.   I went to turn on my CNC machine to engrave your crown set.   My engraver will not turn on.   

I mean it truly when I say that, every time I try to keep going with my crown business ---while doing this teaching gig--I keep hitting brick walls.   

I am choosing to take this as a sign from God that I just need to stop with the crowns completely for the moment.   I feel like I'm leaving this business in a crash-and-burn mess.  I started this business 18 years ago, and just simply cannot describe how strange the last few months have been. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.


It is with a heavy heart...but one that is at peace with the situation...that I have gone through and refunded several orders and written some "break-up" emails. 

I will update you all sooner rather than later.  But until then, Love to all, Ann