Crowns all around!

Posted by Ann Clough on

In some ways, things feel almost normal.  In other ways, not so much.

For example.  Here is the view into my workshop:

Virtual School.  Arthur on the left ---He's in 4th Grade now.  Georgia on the right.  She's now in 2nd.  Both kids attend a Spanish Immersion School.   So that's been interesting to maintain that skill during all of this...

In the background, that's half of my workshop :)  

I have some pretty awesome little coworkers.  The first few days were rocky.  But it's much improved now.  Overall, it's a much better experience from last Spring's E-Learning.    And while I usually try to focus on work in these updates, you're now going to get a lot more family tidbits.  Because. Thanks for understanding :)  

Now that we're getting into a groove of the routine, I feel like I'm a bit more productive with my work now (at times).  I haven't been taking pictures of the crowns sets I've been shipping these last few weeks, but I will say, that has all felt somewhat normal now, too. 

There is a surprising steady flow of orders at the moment.  I'm grateful.  I'm also inspired.  Throughout the summer, I had been trying to brainstorm some ways that I could diversify.  I have thought of some really fun things I want to make. Some are quick, cheap, easy, cute.  Others are works of art that I cannot wait to see come to fruition.  I've not yet had the time (kids) to make good on any of the the ideas. But I feel optimistic that with this routine of School that we've got going now, that I will get the time.  

I just got all of my MUST-SO work done.  Shipments are ready for my mailman.  The kids just started their afternoon Zoom meetings.  I'm going to play.  But I do also need to get ready for my Church School Meeting with my teachers this weekend (I'm Sunday School Director for St George-Indy).  And I have a PTA meeting (Treasurer) for the kids' school tonight (Zoom).  

Here.  Look at one of my kitties.  That makes everything better.  This is Reno. Yesterday.  Sunbeam by the front door.