Christ Is Risen!

Posted by Ann Clough on

I hope you had wonderfully blessed Pascha!

This is a busy week coming up:  'Tis the season for weddings.  Plus, the kids have just 4 weeks left in the school year, and there is A LOT going on there.  Baseball season for Arie.  And my goodness, I have so much I want to do for my work to 'better my brand' so to speak.  And the garden.  I've told you about my sister's property, right?  I think I referred to it as her 13 acres.  She corrected me.  It's *only* 9 acres.

So, even though it is Easter Sunday, both Josh and I are doing some work this evening to try and be better prepared for the upcoming week.  Josh has worked so much overtime this past few weeks that technically, he only needs to work 2.5 hours this coming week!  But the work still needs to be a normal work week, I'm sure it will be.....

Business news:  A company that I thought was going to be a great source for some new trays was a total flop.  But I found a surprise new source for trays.   My goal this week:  get some trays Lasered with some standard/stock designs and get them onto the site.  Cutting boards too?  I even get to make crowns for my Cousin's upcoming wedding!  OH and I have a super awesome laser-wood-crown test that I HAVE to do this week for a couple at my Church.   I keep delaying it.  They've been so patient with me.  I must do it this week!

Ok.  I'm to go work now.  Really.