Posted by Ann Clough on

I'm feeling frustrated, but also hopeful and excited.  It's a very restless feeling.

Last week, i had an AWESOME laser day. I did some much on it, got so much tested, got some fun silly things made for my kids' school...had patterns prepped to do a full day of tasering the next day.....and it broke.  Long story short, laser part works fine.  I think it's the control board that has gone out, though.  

The Company is being very responsive and helpful, so I'm not angry about that, per se.  I'm just really annoyed that --it feels like anytime I start to get very excited about the laser, find a process for a project, get projects lined up, it breaks.  This is not work I can replicate on my CNC engraver.  They are totally different looks and have different abilities.  

I KNOW this laser will get fixed, and that I will be back up and running by next week.  I naively ignore the costs associated with fixing it, because this is a research & Development style tool and process--just like my CNC was for many years.  Ignoring the finances of it may seem really stupid.  But, it keeps me from crying about it...and gets me into the spirit of trial and error.  I remind myself, I am using tools and technology in/on ways and materials for a very unusual product.  So it's OK for quite a bit of Trial and error.  And it costs what it costs to do that.

-OK, i'm laughing at myself now. I'm sitting outside as I type this, this morning.  I can smell burning. I had to run inside and make sure it wasn't coming from my laser (Because yes, that's a real possibility--my laser wouldn't stop firing earlier.  Just a constant ON beam!)  I knew I had shut it down!  But smelling smoke....yeah...had to make sure!  It's just someone in the neighborhood burning leaves at 9:30 am!--But I digress--

OK, So back to my lament. 

I had projects lined up to do NOW on the laser.  Therefore, I want to do them NOW.  Since I can't do them now, i have to change gears in my head.  and my brain doesn't want to do that.  I want to do what I can't do, so I'm angry about that.  I have TONS of other work to do.  TONS.  But I want to laser. AGRH!

In the meantime: a picture of me working "really hard" at the laser last week.  I was showing Josh (my husband) how busy I was that that I was WORKING, not PLAYING :).


and a fun new crown set (made with CNC engraver.  see, I have tons of other work I can and need to do!)