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Shipping/Site Updates

change to 18" candles

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 13:10:25 EDT

Up to this point, the 18" candles have always features narrower ribbon than the 20", 24", 31" and 36" candles. But I have noticed an increasing preference for fuller ribbons/bows...and it's silly not to have the same fully bow decor on the shorter candle. I'm working on updating all the pictures..it may take me some time. but I'll try and do one set a day. Today I'm updating the Lily Ivory. also, you'll be excited to hear that I'm also dropping the price a bit on all the candle sets. Between new suppliers, better efficiency in the new shop space, it's time to start letting the products reflect all the good changes.

New space all set up...website redo + pix coming soon

Friday, April 5, 2013 - 15:39:12 EDT

The move into my work space went very smoothly, although it has taken me a while to get things set up while still making/shipping orders. But I'm almost done getting everything put away and am feeling really good about the move. In the coming weeks, my husband/webmaster is going to be adding some new functionality to the website..the menu is going to change around a bit, and I'll see about getting some pictures of the new work area posted. And now that I'm in my new space with TONS of workspace, be on the lookout for new crown and candle designs and new items (accessories) to start springing up left and right!

Business is moving to new studio! slight shipping delay

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 12:56:11 EST

Well, I am finally doing it. I am moving the business out of my house and into an actual workshop. The move essentially starts tonight (3/7/13) and should be done by this time next week. There is a lot to move and only so much time in the day in which I can get the stuff moved. In order to speed up the process and to get reorganized ASAP, I have decided at the last minute here to do a slight shipping delay. Any orders received over the next few days will be delayed just slightly. I will start shipping from my new location on 3/15/12.

Apologies for any potential conflicts this may cause, but hopefully you will agree this is a relatively small delay. I appreciate your understanding. I will still be confirming orders via email as they come in, fyi. thanks! Ann

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