Milos, Natural

Regular price $300.00

The Milos crown feature a unique design that is fresh but also quite familiar. A classic repeated pattern of shaped leaves, accented with a smaller wheat stalk 'leaves' rings the crown base. You'll notice that in the center front of the crowns, the leaves point toward one another and then spread around the crown from there...meeting up again at the back of the crown where the ribbon connects.

These crowns have an overall height of just over 3/4".

For what it's worth, silver solder joints may be visible on the interior of your crowns. I grind away as much of the excess solder as possible to ensure nice and neat construction. the finished crowns have been sealed to protect their finish.

These crowns a made to the usual size of just over 7" in diameter. Sold as the set of 2 crowns. Available for immediate shipping.