Crown Selection Change

Posted by Ann Clough on

This is important:  I need to take some crowns out of the inventory line-up for a little bit.  Additionally, I need to remove the custom engraving options (Name + date stuff).


Well, I am actually playing the part of a 5th grade teacher during the daytime right now.  The combination of my son's teacher needing to take an extended leave of absence + a teacher/substitute teacher shortage left my son's class in a really bad situation.  So, before I could talk myself out of it, I applied for an Emergency Teaching Permit and starting teaching.  

I have been filling crowns orders in the evenings and weekends for the past month.  It's been a little crazy.  It is looking like I will need to continue teaching in January.....and I don't know how long from there.  As such, I need to make some changes to the crown business to make this all a bit more sustainable.

I need to take away the custom engraving options.  Effective immediately.

I am narrowing the scope of inventory.  All the favorites are staying.  And eventually, everything will be available again...I just need to have time to get some inventory built up to ensure prompt shipping.

As soon as my teaching stint is through, I will open everything back up.  I appreciate your patience and understanding. Much love, Ann