Wedding Pictures

Pictures sent to me from happy couples/customers. Please feel free to email me one of your wedding pictures--I'd love to post it!


Nicholas and Danielle Zuro
Lily White crowns w/ Ivory ribbon
Fr. Stephen Vernak, Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church, Harrisburg, PA


Jason and Kelly
Natasha Gold crowns and cake toppers




Catherine + Husband
St. Julia-Silver




Pota + Husband
Pota crowns, silver (yes this bride is the namesake for these crowns. She requested this design and I lked it so much, I decided to make it part of my regular line-up!)


Emily and George

The mini crowns are still a novel idea to some...Thank you so much, Emily, for sending me this pic of your Father-in-law trying to figure out their purpose. LOVE IT!



Rabih + Katerina
St. Cyril, Silver Crowns
Saint Alexander's church, in Thessaloniki Greece



Samara and Petro



Thomas and Maria
Custom engraved Aluminum crowns + cake toppers






Darmon and Mary
Lily Ivory Crowns + Cake Toppers


Ianthe and Nick
Custom Gold metal leaf set
Photography, Nathan Peel of


Kevin and Angela
St. Julia Gold Crowns
St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral, Washington, DC


Gary and Amber Gilles
Helen Crimson Crowns
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Waterloo, IN


Vsevolod and Caitlin
St. Herman, silver Crowns


Brian and Meredith
Classic Antiochian Crowns
St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church Kokomo, IN


Annette and Chad Warkentin
Celtic Silver crowns
St. Elijah Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City


Glenn and Maria (Walinski) Peterson
Ria-Copper Crowns
St. John's Greek Orthodox Church Omaha, Nebraska
(Pictured clergy: Very Rev'd. Fr. Don Hock, Very Rev'd. Father F. Stephen Walinski (bride's father!), Rev'd. Father Peter Pappas, Rev'd Father Sasa Petrovic)


...Maria's parents, who were presented with a set of the Ria-Brass Crowns at the wedding reception. The crowns were blessed by Bishop Basil (which invoved some mailing back and forth of the crown set, apparently!)



Sarah Harasimchuk
Custom set: Bride wore St. Herman, Groom wore custom engraved crown featuring a traditional Ukranian pattern

Anthony and Andrea
Dimitrie Crowns

Gillian and Christiaan Ehlers
Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, London
Menas Crowns


David and Ann
Byzantine Copper Crowns


Eleni Stanitsa and Groom
Greek Orthodox Bride, but non Orthodox Wedding. she wanted something reminiscent of a crown to wear in her I made a headband style of the "Gina" crowns. Bridesmaides wore coordinating hair pins!
Took Place in Cost Rica.


Deacon Joseph and Diaconissa Ruth (Edmond and Janice Kaiser)
25th Wedding Anniversary
Constantine-Silver Crowns

(and yes, of all the photos they sent me, I am
showing the cake cutting. After 25 years of
marriage, surely a sense of humor is the key!!!
Just loved this picture too much not to share!!)



Bill and Gloria Makosky
50th Wedding anniversary, Bishop Job officiating.
Elias Crowns


Deme and Jim
St. Julia-Silver crowns


James and Monica Menard
St. herman Crowns


Greg and Angela Mills
apple studios PHOTOGRAPHY
St. Julia-silver crowns


David and Datrice Kristof
Custom Crowns


Viann and Yazan Khouri
St. Julia-silver


Mr. and Mrs. Gonsalves
Photos by Georgi Ruley
St. Basil Crowns


Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Osborn

Elaina Crowns


Mr. and Mrs. Petros Leventis

St. Herman Crowns and Candles
Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francsico


Alice Boussagol and Husband

St. Julia-Gold Crowns
Paris, France



Magdalene and Christopher Parmenter

St. Herman Crowns
Warwick, England


Leanne and Kyle Parrott

St. Cyril Crowns
Calgary, Alberta, Canada






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