Giving Back

At the end of each year, I donate 10% of my profits back to the Church...or rather to IOCC.

Depending on the kind of advertising I have done during the fiscal year, part of that 10% may be counted toward my donation amount. For example, I may help to sponser one church's fund raising summer festival. My cost for the ad placement for this festival will be put toward the total amount I donate at the end of the year.

I try to donate in a manner that is fair to as many people as possible, while also keeping my paper work and book keeping times to a minimum (so that I may spend more time creating beautiful designs for you!) and as simple as possible (small business taxes are complex!).

IOCC is such a well respected fact, it is the only charity that the US govertment goes through when giving aid to the Middle East (to my knowledge, at least).

Also, since IOCC is an international charity, it allows me to more easily be inclusive of my international customers.

Thank you again for your business.

God Bless!

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